Welcome to What’s New

mary gordon

Welcome to our Roots of Empathy blog. We’re calling it What’s New, because this is where we will share our news – where we’re growing, what we’re hearing from children and our volunteers, where I’ll be speaking, and what we are learning from researchers around the world who study not only our empathy based programs, but childhood wellness.

Our big news right now is that we’re expanding to the Netherlands, starting in the fall of 2018. This means we’ll be delivering our programs in 12 countries.  We’re beyond thrilled with this opportunity and we’re busy organizing – planning Instructor trainings, prepping our curriculum for Dutch speaking children, and raising awareness and support.

We’ve also had many more requests from across the globe since the release of a feature about Roots of Empathy on BBC World Hacks which describes itself as “an innovative new weekly programme looking at how we can solve the world’s problems.” We’re proud to be on that list. You can watch and listen to that report on our Roots in the News page.

Please check in here when you can to see what we’re up to.




January 29th, 2018